Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Episode 3: U-S-A

Year 2049

Day 126

The wall that was sealed, started vibrating every half an hour and tremors were felt. But as it was sealed by imams, priests, and pundits a powerful force field was formed preventing any one from the other side of the wall to come this side

A small part of sky started flickering, small worm hole opened up and gradually it became bigger and bigger and then... A blue bubble came out of it and hole got closed.

Now the bubble got  split into several small bubbles and landed on ground. As soon as it touched the ground the bubbles got transformed into soldiers, the soldier's uniform had U-S-A written on them


In the year 2029 an Indian scientist on a tour got lost and he stumbled across a lake that had turned black, he knew something about that Lake but he couldn't remember what it was then he realized what it was  "CRYING LAKE"

Crying Lake >when abortions were done fetuses were dropped in this lake until an official got to know about it and banned everyone from entering the lake but it was too late. Cos the last one drowned was a girl of 8 years old. The souls of fetuses were hovering around the lake as they had no idea why they were killed and they didn't know what to do as their as their souls had no idea about this world but this 8 yr old girl's inclusion gave them answers. And they all integrated into a single soul. Whenever someone gets near the lake gets killed and when no one is near the lake these souls cry and
It could heard even from 10kms

So the scientist got worried and then he felt something behind his shoulders he turned around and saw the cutest 8 year old girl... He realized who she was and begged her to spare his life then she asked him

"why were we killed? "
" what was our mistake? "
" didn't we deserve a second chance? "

The scientist said" I MAY give you a second chance, but I can't promise you too much ", the scientist made robots such that souls could enter inside. Which was a huge success as the souls couldn't die (again) and everyone may be trained to perfection. And with  permission of the King (yes king,it shall be elaborated in coming parts) . U-S-A was created

Back to 2018
... The cat got transformed into a dark  cloud and started chasing the dog and on its path while chasing dog everything that came in its way glowed and when dog was finally caught by the  dark cloud (cat) it got disintegrated

Next day
A mother is preparing food in kitchen , she hears crying of her baby she tries to make it stop crying but it doesn't,  she loses her patience picks up her baby and throws it  on the ground and says "stop crying"....

To be continued

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Episode 2: Rise of RAKU

Now RAKU started sucking hatred out of every one  it met, and as it started sucking hatred out of every one  it met, things started getting under control, and even police officers started seeking it's help.

The aghori who created RAKU was to be  honored by building a statue in his name. But the aghori said instead of building a statue plant trees and keep your city clean, which was followed by younger generation, they planted many trees and started cleaning their surroundings . The politicians who were responsible for this were jailed in an untraceable place. Criminals, rapists, terrorists were all cured and India was getting cured and India was slowly loosing it's restricted country tag.

There was a huge growth in economy of India due to the less crime rate, India was about to enter G10 league....

Well nothing lasts forever

Now the countries like China, Japan, Russia got worried. They United to shackle India and formed a group called DIE(destroy Indian economy) , but there was no one who could come up with a solution.

One day  a Japanese official while showering had a epiphany that why not kill RAKU. he suggested it to DIE, and they sent sharp shooters to RAKU. But RAKU sucked the hatred out of them also making them reveal everything. India now cancelled all access to these countries. All the countries
too supported India by blacklisting those countries.

China  now was in loss. One day US satellite detected an abnormal activity in ANTARTICA, when they explored it they came to know that the politicians who were responsible for R-wars were jailed there. But only one was alive and he combined forces with DIE.

He called himself  KRK (KILL RAKU) was landed in India illegally,then went to meet RAKU....

RAKU and KRK had face off, RAKU started sucking hatred out of him, KRK'S body was getting atomized as he was filled with too much hatred wen he was almost atomized RAKU'S body started flickering and............. Boooom
RAKU exploded and everything under 25km radius got atomized and everything turned black. Turns out KRK'S hatred was too much for RAKU and it exploded. Everyone was advised not to go to that place

In the night a cat which was chased by the dog entered the place which was now called "DARK ZONE" . Got transformed into........
To be continued

Episode 1 :The beginning

Year 2049

Many pundits, popes , imams gather around a huge wall of 700ft and 25km long, start chanting mantl is sealed

Year 2018
How it all began

Religious wars known as R-wars started by the politicians by paying criminals to start hatred between every religions so that politicians could take advantage of it...
But problems started when terrorists got involved in this thus starting R-wars.

Now every one was killed in the name of religion, many were raped, India was declared as  Restricted country..

A aghori who had been doing penance for 80 years, got disturbed by the noise of killing.
He got angry and decided to kill the people who were responsible for the noise, then he realised something that killing wouldn't stop this noise

So he went to the guy who was killing just born babies, both started fighting and aghori killed him and others got scared and ran away, using his powers aghori bought back the life of that guy

But he also gave a special power to him, which was if the guy came across any1 he will suck the hatred out of them and when he was done sucking out hatred, the guys would become as innocent as a child. It was called RAKU